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Documentation and Information

Official Documentation

Here is an index to the icecast documentation we know about. If there is something out ther on the Web that you know about, but is not listed here, send an email to webmaster@icecast.org.

All official icecast documentation is now available online.

Also, we have a simple FAQ.

Other Information

* Ciaran Anscomb's IceS2 HOWTO

* Pierre Amadio's Quelques notes Úparses sur l'installation d'Icecast 2 sur une Woody

* German icecast2 introduction

* icecast howto written by Kerry Cox.

* French translation of Icecast documentation - by Nicolas Henry

* Montando um Servidor de Webradio (Portuguese)

* Guide on how to use and admin Icecast2 (Portuguese)

* HowTo - Video streaming to an Icecast2 server (Portuguese)