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Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia.

Documentation and Information

Official Documentation

Here is an index to the Icecast documentation we know about. If there is something out there on the Web that you know about, but is not listed here, contact us.

The latest official Icecast documentation is available here.

All Docs:

Also, we have a simple FAQ.


What platforms are supported?

Icecast is being developed on Linux and Windows, and is being tested with major Unices.

How do I set up Icecast?

Go to the Icecast Documentation Page and follow the instructions for your version there.


How can I view the stream status page?

Check your icecast configuration file for an element called <webroot>. This directory contains web stuff. In it, place a file called status.xsl that transforms an XML file containing stream data into a web page (either XHTML or HTML). There are sample XSL stylesheets available in icecast/web/ in the CVS distribution of Icecast. In addition, the web directory can hold multiple status transforms, if you can’t decide which one you want.


What can I use to listen to an Icecast stream?

We maintain a list of Icecast-compatible audio players here.