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Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia.

About Icecast 2

Icecast is a streaming media (audio/video) server which currently supports Ogg (Vorbis and Theora), Opus, WebM and MP3 streams.
It can be used to create an Internet radio station or a privately running jukebox and many things in between. It is very versatile in that new formats can be added relatively easily and supports open standards for communication and interaction.

Icecast is distributed under the GNU GPL, version 2.

Latest News

libshout Release 2.4.5

We are pleased to announce a new release of libshout!

The changes include:

Download libshout 2.4.5 from the download page.

Posted Dec 16, 2020 by phschafftPermalink

libigloo Release 0.9.0

We are happy to announce the first public release of libigloo.

libigloo is a our new generic C framework. It should replace the code our existing projects share currently (known as “common/”) over the time. It will both provide a more uniform as well as clean, and modern interface to our shared code base.

This first release includes support for object and memory management as well as set of utility functions. More to come with next release!

Download libigloo 0.9.0 from the download page.

Posted Dec 14, 2020 by phschafftPermalink

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