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Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia.

Icecast Release 2.1.0

After about 8 months in development, version 2.1.0 of Icecast has been released.

New features for 2.1 (in no particular order)

Listener Authentication

Icecast now supports listener authentication. This provides a mechanism for creating/maintaining users and passwords for listeners. Currently, we only have implemented a simple, file-based storage for users and passwords. New authenticators are on the horizon (such as URL-based or possibly MySQL based) New admin pages were also added for the maintenance of users/passwords. Please check the docs for a more detailed description of this new feature.

Multi-Level Fallbacks

Multi-level fallbacks allow for specifications of a series of fallback mounts that you can use to automatically move listeners in the event of a source being disconnected. In the event of new listeners attaching to the source stream that has been disconnected, they are routed to the fallback mount (if specified). Icecast now has fallback-override capability as well which means that in the event of a source stream failure, listeners are moved to the fallback mount, and then automatically recaptured when the original source stream returns.


This is an new, optional config setting which will send a initial burst of data to connecting listeners. This has the effect of reducing (significantly) the startup buffer latency from the end-user perspective. This option is enabled by default.

New enhancements for 2.1

Update to admin interface

This interface has been cleaned up quite a bit and made a bit nicer.

Rewrite of the YP listing code

The icecast yp code has received a complete overhaul by karl, and it’s a much more stable and failure-resistant implementation.

Lots and lots of bugs fixed

Check the ChangeLog for a complete list of these…

Download Icecast 2.1.0 from the download page.

Posted Nov 4, 2004 by oddsock

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